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Dawn International is a pioneer in stationery business, established in 1965 by our Honourable founder Late Mohammad Ashqueen, with an aspiration of serving the nation with stationery supplies. It has been in the business for decades now and all these years of experience has established Dawn International as a brand name in this stationery business sector.

After the sadden death of our honourable founder, his elder son, Mr Hasan Atif took over the helm and carried forward the business with his genre and allgiance. His hardwork and virtuous directions created a known brand value throughout Bangladesh. Meanwhile, the prevalence of the company, covers all the division as well as the districts of our home country, where each of our precious customers are connected with essence and commitment.

Furthermore, apart from our strength in stationeries, Dawn International also understands the importance of customer care and implements it at an unparalleled level in the business. At this day and age, Dawn International deals with international brands and imports numerous goods from around the globe. Thus, it made us a renowned Stationery business company in the home country and throughout the world.

Founder, Md. Ashqueen

Md. Hassan Atif

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